Cybernetica Mesopotamica

A Balzan Foundation Research Project

IV. Work in Progress
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Giorgio Buccellati – September 2022
Marco De Pietri – September 2022 to current

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January-August 2022

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June 28, 2022: Working on the UGR at the UCLA Lab (A12)

Mary Stancavage (IIMAS Research Associate) has been working on A12, the ābi, for the UGR (Urkesh Global Record). Mary spent two days with James L. Walker (IIMAS and AVASA Research Associate), UGR expert, learning all the 'secrets' of writing and running programs. The work is still 'in progress' but can be found on the Urkesh website at this link. ZG628_UGR_1

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April-August, 2022: Review of full ceramic corpus (A15)

Over the months April-August 2022, Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, James L. Walker, Jessica Scaciga, and Zichan Wang have been carefully work on a complete and coherent review of the full ceramic corpus of unit A15.
An interim report of this work is available at this link.
A15 ceramics