Cybernetica Mesopotamica
a Balzan Foundation research project
directed by
Giorgio Buccellati
Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati

deputy director:
Federico Buccellati

     The culture of Mesopotamia is a broken tradition: there are no living carriers for it, in fact there have not been any for over two millennia.
     Recovering this culture, as it stands behind the brokenness, has been a great scholarly endeavor for some two centuries now, and very successfully so.
     Digitality is adding a new dimension to this research. Here we present our approach which sees us engaged in two different tasks: the documentary record of primary data and the hermeneutic effort at making sense of it.
     In the process, we are developing a theory of the website as a new epistemic system, one that rivals the introduction of language and of writing in offering multiple concurrent avenues for the implemen-tation of critical thought.
     This website serves as a hub introducing these various websites in their individual specificity and overall coherence. It also serves as a clearing house for our research project being carried out under the aegis of the Balzan Foundation.

     Access to the full website is currently restricted.
     For information, please write to the editor.