Cybernetica Mesopotamica

A Balzan Foundation Research Project

IV. Work in Progress


Giorgio Buccellati – September 2022
Marco De Pietri – September 2022 to current

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This page reports the record of the seminars held during the tenure of the Balzan grant; in the “notices” section we list all the seminars kept thus far, while in the “detailed pages” section we display links to more detailed pages for each seminar.

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Beola 5 - September 2023

After the workshop "Beola 3", and the later workshops "Beola 4a-d", a substantial group of "Mozanian" scholars gathered again in Beola during September 11-15, 2023 for a workshop ("Beola 5") which is considered both the continuation and an update on the efforts developed specifically in the last-year workshop "Beola 2" (September 5–12, 2022). Beola 5

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Beola 4 - June 2023

The seminar "Beola 4", held in June 2023, consisted of three different even if fully coherent workshops:
One will find in the related sections the descriptions and the reports of each of the aforementioned seminars.

Beola 4

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Beola 3 - May 2023

In May 2023, part of the team of the Cybernetica Mesopotamica project gathered again in Beola (in person or online, via ZOOM) for another workshop labeled "Beola 3".
The main goal of this meeting consisted of a twofold effort:
  1. to have an update about ongoing projects, particularly for what concerns the elaboration of ideas for the forthcoming volume Digital Discourse. A View from the Field (for which the deadline for submitting papers has been moved from July 31, 2023 to September 2023);
  2. to concretely work on the development of new programs supporting the activities of the project.

Beola 3

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Beola 2 - September 2022

During September 5–12, 2022, a second workshop was taken in Beola, gathering many members of the Urkesh/Tell Mozan’s staff, involved in different aspects related to the many projects connected to the ancient site of Tell Mozan and the parallel projects pertaining to the "4Banks" websites.

(In the picture, from left to right: Samer Abdel-Ghafour, Mrs. Kuon, Peter Kuon, Bernardo Forni, Marco De Pietri, Giorgio Buccellati, Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, James Walker, Laerke Recht, Lorenzo Crescioli, Amer Ahmad, Jonah Lynch, Jessica Scaciga).
Beola 2

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Beola 1 - July 2022

During July 13-28, 2022, an intensive period of work gathered together in Beola many people involved in different aspects of the project related to the updating of the "Urkesh Global Record" (UGR), and many other projects regarding the Urkesh website (projects recently awarded the prestigious "2021 Balzan Prize").

(In the picture, from left to right: Giorgio Buccellati, Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, Bernardo Forni, Jessica Scaciga, James Walker, Lorenzo Crescioli).

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Beola 0 - May 2022

On May 11-16, 2022, a preliminary workshop (labeled "Beola 0") was held in Beola (Italy) to discuss further developments and implementation of the Cybernetica Mesopotamica (related to the Balzan Prize), the Urkesh Global Record (UGR), the Urkesh website, and the 4banks Project.

(In the picture, from left to right: Yasmine Mahmoud, Giorgio Buccellati, Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, Marco De Pietri).
Beola 0

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Detailed pages

For each seminar we give the agenda, a brief narrative report, and (when available) a link to the recording(s) of the seminar.

The following seminars are currently online:

     Beola 0

     Beola 1

     Beola 2

     Beola 3

     Beola 4a

     Beola 4b

     Beola 4c

     Beola 4d

     Beola 5

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