Cybernetica Mesopotamica

A Balzan Foundation Research Project

I. The Project

The Balzan phase

Giorgio Buccellati – November 2022

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Phase V. Digital discourse

In Phase V we will bring to full fruition the various strands of our research as outlined in the project’s history. In so doing, we will articulate more explicitly the concept of digital discourse and, even more importantly, we will show how it can be realized and put in practice in the various websites within the system.

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Impact of the Balzan prize

The Balzan prize has given an authoritative recognition of the work done so far, and it lent new energy to our commitment to the project.

The funding contributes in an essential way to achieving our current goals.

But just as important is the psychological impact it has had on all of us, the staff and the principal investigators. The program we have ahead of us, which I am outlining in this website, is ambitious and even daunting. If we feel it is realistic, it is in large measure because of what the Balzan prize has meant and what it concretely makes possible.

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At this stage, we are engaging in giving final shape to all the components of the project, in particular the full theoretical definition of the basic underlying principles, and a full overhaul of our data and of the programming that lies behind the structuring of the websites.

One will find the details of our plans articulated in detail in section III. THE GOALS.

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