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Cybernetica Mesopotamica
Part Two. The Project

May 11-16, 2022

Giorgio Buccellati, Marco De Pietri – September 2022

Brief notice

     On May 11-16, 2022, a workshop was held in Beola (Italy) to discuss further developments and implementation of the Cybernetica Mesopotamica (related to the Balzan Prize), the Urkesh Global Record
(UGR), the Urkesh blanksite, and the 4banks Project.
     The workshop, led by Prof. Dr. Giorgio Buccellati and Prof. Dr. Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, involved the participation of Dr. Yasmine Mahmoud (AVASA/IIMAS), Bernardo Forni (blankmaster), and Dr. Marco De Pietri (AVASA/IIMAS).
     This workshop represents, so to speak, the "ground floor" or "level zero" for the organization and development of the following more official workshops Beola 1 and Beola 2.


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