Cybernetica Mesopotamica

Editor: Giorgio Buccellati



     The culture of Mesopotamia is a broken tradition: there are no living carriers for it, in fact there have not been any for over two millennia.
     Recovering this culture, as it stands behind the brokenness, has been a great scholarly endeavor for some two centuries now, and very successfully so. "Cybernetics" is adding a new dimension to this research. Here we present our approach to this effort, which sees us engaged in two different tasks.
     (1) This website cluster, Cybernetica Mesopotamica, deals with the data, and it proposes to document them and to define the internal patterning which they exhibit. Here I describe briefly what the central aims of this effort are, and refer to specific projects that deal with select bodies of data in archaeology and linguistics.
     (2) The second task deals properly with hermeneutics, and is treated in a parallel website cluster,